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Domestic Retail and Food Service Shrimp

Only top quality shrimp are used from day boat shrimpers, brought straight from the boats to our facility on the banks of Bayou Segnette. Shrimp are processed using state-of-the-art technology. We strictly adhere to the HACCP throughout the entire plant. Given our rigid quality assurance system and sanitary operations, we can ensure the superior quality and hygiene of our finished products.

Product Form:

Headless, Head-On, Raw and Peeled, Breaded, De-veined with Tail On, Peeled and Butterflied, Block or Individually Quick Frozen (IQF).

Country of Origin:


Product Sizes:

10/12 13/15 16/20 21/25 26/30 31/35 36/40 41/50 51/60 61/70 71/90 and up


6/2 kgs/carton
4/5 lbs/carton
6/4 lbs/carton
12/2 lbs/carton
20/1 lbs/carton (retail bag)